Bruges: Chocolate and Canals

As promised in my Brussels post, here’s the lowdown on Bruges.

Go {see photo}.


The End.








Just kidding. Now the longer version:

I’d heard nothing but good things from friends about Ghent and Bruges, so I booked a day tour covering both.

You’ll notice I’m leaving out Ghent in these blogs. That’s because we were there for two hours and I was so. cold. I thought my hands were going to fall off. I didn’t dare take my gloves off to manage my phone camera much less my digital one. {I’m from Indiana so I don’t say that lightly}. This is one of three pictures I took in the few hours we were there.

Recommendation? If you’re mildly comfortable with transportation websites, do it on your own. Both cities were very easy to navigate solo and honestly in Bruges I ditched my tour group the entire time we were there.

Second recommendation? Go to Bruges for more than a day. Could you see everything in a day? Yes. Will it be the most peaceful, beautiful little city you’ve ever seen (even with Christmas crowds) and you’ll never want to leave? Yes.

I was still freezing but I bought enough coffee and hot chocolate to go that it was fine. The little lunch place I found had heat lamps on the patio and I was seated right under one BLESSED. Also the pair seated next to me was a Belgian guy and his American friend from Florida who was living his absolute best life on early retirement traveling around the world. Goals, honestly.

Coffee and cookie under a heat lamp (note the discarded gloves).


There are two things notable about Bruges: The aforementioned chocolate, and the canals. I’ve never been to Amsterdam but I feel deep in my soul that it would be a disappointment after Bruges.





And as I wandered up and down around the canals, of course there was a multitude of chocolate shop stops. As my family could tell you, everyone got chocolate for Christmas that year. Everyone. Easiest shopping decision of my life and did I get samples at every shop? YES I DID 100%.


chocolate shops text box.jpg


I’m not a hopeless romantic, but Bruges is what I think the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson imagined when writing their gorgeous little town settings for their horrific little stories.

With that mental picture, I leave you with the mandate that you all immediately get on a plane to Belgium.

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