Brussel(ing) off the Past


Almost two years ago now, I went to Belgium for my pre-Christmas four day weekend.

The Plan: Enjoy the Christmas markets, eat my weight in waffles, get amazing chocolate in the cutest town in the world and get back to Spain easy-peasy.

The Reality: All of the above, but what if getting back to Spain was a nightmare.


I swear to you all, it has taken me two years to even remotely get over it. I know other people have it worse so I’m not going to dedicate an entire blog to the ordeal but I got back to Spain 35 hours after I was supposed to and that’s that.

It’s taken me awhile to not be so scarred by the experience that I don’t even want to talk about the good parts.

But here we are, THE GOOD PARTS.

As to be expected, the food was to die for. I have no pictures of french fries probably because I ate every bunch I got in approximately 30 seconds.

Did you know there’s two kinds of waffles that are popular in Belgium and “Belgian waffles” DO NOT EXIST IN BELGIUM? Because before this trip I did not.

Type 1: Brussels Waffle. Rectangular, light, crunchy, just take it as it comes and you won’t be disappointed. This is what we all think usually of as the (nonexistent) Belgian waffle

Type 2: Liege Waffle. A REVELATION. They make the dough with chunks of sugar so please imagine a “Belgian waffle” but stickier/denser with 500% more sugar and a weird shape and you’ve got a Liege waffle.

Peck 47. Poached Egg on a waffle with the best latte of my life. (Note: You have to wait outside for a table so if you go in the middle of winter like I did maybe think about a reservation)
Maison Dandoy for my first, but not my last waffle of the trip.
Kokob. First time trying Ethiopian food. I have no memory of what I had but it was delicious and plentiful.
Mokafe. Highly recommend for an elegant waffle and hot chocolate experience (You can find it in the breathtaking Galerie du Roi).

Also to be expected, Grand Place at Christmas is stunning.* They did a light show across the buildings each evening with a Sia soundtrack and I was in heaven.

I took a waffle and hot chocolate one day and just wandered around the square it was delightful.

I will never get enough of European cities at Christmas. They just have a charm and ambience that can’t be replicated anywhere else.


Unfortunately it did rain/snow heavily the day I explored the markets so the rest of my photos didn’t turn out very well due to attempting to protect my camera and phone at all costs. Guess I’ll have to go back WHAT A BUMMER.

I made a visit to the MIM (Musical Instruments Museum) because off-the-beaten-path museums are 100% my thing. As a bonus to the museum, the cafe at the top has pretty views over the city.

Galerie du Roi*, as briefly mentioned above, is so elegant I felt like someone was going to kick me out any moment for not being chic enough. If you’re not wearing silk and stilettos get prepared to have imposter syndrome (even though in reality you’re one of a hundreds of tourists and no one is looking at you).

There was a ballet-inspired shop and I had to talk myself off the ledge of buying a 300€ tulle skirt.

In the end, I’d rate the experience 10/10 for Brussels at Christmas {0/10 for Brussels Airlines}.

…but Becky! What about the cHOcOlAtE?

Don’t you worry! Next installment is about my day trip to Ghent but most importantly Bruges, the prettiest fairy-tale village full of chocolate you could never dream up in a million years. Stay tuned.


*I looked up the spelling of Grand Place and Galerie du Roi three times to be sure I didn’t look like an idiot. Should’ve stayed in French class longer than a semester.

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