Grad school…

…looks a lot like:



Forgetting about things ’til the last minute

Three part-time jobs and a every-once-in-a-while job, yes I know that sounds confusing

More responsibility at work

More stress at work

Not seeing friends for weeks at a time

Stress about finding a job. in my field. with a living wage. in a country with 42% unemployment for people my age.

Playing piano + realizing the Rachmaninoff from senior year of high school is a distant dream

Not taking Indianapolis for granted

Lots of Skyping internationally

Excitement about the future but also stress (See above) but also oh my gosh I actually am doing the thing where I move to another country like I’ve wanted for 10 years.

Relying on advisors and certain professors for encouragement and validation that I’m on the right track

500 words of a student evaluation written by mid-semester because I take them seriously and effective rants take time

Realizing that Kilroys is a national treasure

Dreaming about Rio

Dreaming about Spain

Not posting on Instagram in three weeks (record)

Compensating by posting on Twitter way too often

Enjoying and appreciating mom’s homemade food




2 thoughts on “Grad school…


    love the post…..happy i have a pcture of you to remind me that you are beautiful, energetic, competant and have a wonderful smile….keep posting

    love, grammy

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