Slow Down PLEASE

All the times I wished for time to speed up last fall are coming back to haunt me. Life sped up in a very real, somewhat terrifying way this week. Post-graduate plans (A, B, C etc) that seemed like hypotheticals just a month ago became very very tangible and this week became much closer to reality than they ever have.

I expected it in some ways. You go through four years of college expecting for life and plans to start working out as you near graduation. The scary part comes in when you know 100% what your absolute life dream is, but aren’t sure which path is the best to get you there. And then life throws a lot of different options at you and really could care less that you have a Spanish capstone essay and online French homework to finish and mulling over post-grad plans were really not on the agenda for this week.

So real life is catching up the virtual, hypothetical life in my head. Finally. And while it’s a bit of a free fall, it’s also immensely exciting 🙂


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