What I’ve Been Doing Instead of Finals

So hey guys it’s been almost another month since I blogged!

This is due to

  1. Senioritis and not really caring about much of anything
  2. Being overly involved which is the only way I can do life

And thus having no time to do things like blog.


It’s been a super exciting month full of fun things!

So without further ado, my month in picture format in chronological order (as best I can remember):

Lauren and Michelle have been my pseudo-big sisters since I was little and at the beginning of the month, Lauren got married! So I got to have a nice weekend in Austin, TX (minus some weather delays) and celebrate with them. Check out the gorgeous view in the background!


I competed in IUPUI’s Dancing With the Stars for the third time as a “pro” to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital. Prof. Anliker and I raised over $1,000 to win the fundraising award. This is always my favorite event of hte semester



I went ice skating! I can’t do any fancy tricks but I do love to skate. It’s fun and good exercise and helps me gauge just how strong my ankles still are for dance.


IUPUI’s international culture show! This was my first time attending and I loved it. We heard girls since traditional Indiana bollywood, saw traditional Philippine dances, and tai chi. All in all a night well spent.
Finally there was Thanksgiving. I was super blessed to have my cousins from Minnesota visiting as well as my friend from Michigan for the weekend. We ate even more good food, celebrated an early Christmas with that side of the family and played a new game that involved whipped cream thrown in the face. Good times.

IMG_6236 IMG_6234



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