A Camping Trip Where It Didn’t Rain (What?)

So growing up myself, my adopted grandmother, my brothers, and her actual grandchildren would go on a camping trip every summer. And every summer, it would rain the exact days we’d be out in the wilderness. It didn’t matter if it was a weekend, the middle of the week, two days, three days, northern Indiana, western Indiana, central Indiana…it rained. Always.

So when I had the opportunity to go on a camping trip disguised as a women’s retreat part of me was like, oh yay strong female relationships! and the other part of me was like damn it I know it’s going to rain I just know it plus, you know, spiders and dirt.

But I did go in the end. I knew two people on the trip (Liv and Nina you guys are my rocks and among the greatest human beings I know) and precisely no one else out of the 11 others who went.

That weekend was so good for everything. As you all know from my post earlier in the semester, I’d been struggling a lot with being home, but also being away from home, trying to stay in the moment my senior year, but also being in a long distance relationship (Side note: 47 more days!!). This retreat was all about being “Unedited.” About not hiding the struggles, asking for help and advice and guidance from God, yes, but also strong women who are also going through their own struggles. It was about lifting each other up in prayer and with being social and meeting new people and also fireside worship complete with Famous Amos cookies and s’mores (never underestimate those).

Also it was in a beautiful location (Brown County State Park!):


This retreat was a great decision and I loved every minute of it (even that moment when Nina told me she almost didn’t move a spider that was about to crawl into my mouth while I was sleeping but then did it anyway. You’re a true friend).

IMG_5505 IMG_5513 IMG_5520 IMG_5521 IMG_5522 IMG_5538 IMG_5556 IMG_5634 IMG_5678 IMG_5734


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