London: Day 1

Hi all. Do I win the award for Worst Travel Blogger Ever? Probably as it’s now been two months since this trip.

Free travel tip: If you’re traveling on Virgin Trains from Birmingham to London and buy your regular-coach ticket online, on the day you travel, you can go by the office at the train station and upgrade to first class for only 10 pounds.

Jess and I did so because, I mean, first class.

Free snacks and a comfy two-hour ride later, we arrived!

After dropping our stuff off at our hotel (only a few minutes walk away from the 2012 Olympic Park), we headed off into the city.

We were starving by that time, so we headed to Burough Market.





IMG_4372 IMG_4373

While we did not buy any squid (no fridge in our room unfortunately), we did get some other delicious items to share and try.


IMG_4382 IMG_4387 IMG_4389

After lunch, we walked along/took the metro down to the waterfront. We wandered past some iconic and historic London sites:

Something Old–Oldest cathedral in London
Something New–The Shard


IMG_4419 IMG_4423 IMG_4427 IMG_4429

cute little guy in St. James’ Park
Look! There’s Big Ben!

Finally we returned to visit the London Dungeons. This was Jess’s idea and while I’m terrified of haunted anything, it was something I hadn’t done the last time I was in London so why not? No pictures because it was too dark and I was honestly not thinking much past not having a heart attack. Jess can confirm the amount of screaming I did.

With that and some yummy dim sum by our hotel, Day #1 was a success!



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