Just a note, this post is about Lisbon, Portugal, but I find the Spanish/Portuguese name so much prettier, so that’s what I’m going to use.

Speaking of, Portuguese is confusing because if I’m just vaguely paying attention, it sounds like Spanish, but it’s not. Obviously. I can usually pick up a few words here or there because the two languages are so similar, and can read signs enough to not be entirely lost. So after the trip to Faro earlier in the semester, I was decently prepared for Lisboa so I thought.

Pack. good. shoes.

Lisboa is built on a hillside, which I knew.

Walking up and down a hillside all day is very tiring, which I did not know, or at least, did not fully appreciate prior to arrival.

First: Atlantic Ocean!

This is the kind of artsy picture everyone wishes their friends would take of them automatically without having to ask for it and my mom did just that.
The Golden Gate Bridge’s sister bridge resides in Lisboa!



Then we were on to the Monasterio de los Jerónimos. This was high on my list as my other friends who had ventured to Lisboa earlier in the semester all said it was a must-see. And it was.

My hair was apparently not cooperating on this trip at all



And the inside:

The sky really was that blue. We had gorgeous weather.
Inside the main chapel

IMG_3370 IMG_3380

Bonus! Getting to see Vasco da Gama’s grave (the famous Portuguese explorer).



I braved my fear of heights many times throughout this semester for the sake of beautiful views and pictures, and Lisboa was no exception. We went up the ancient elevator of Santa Justa (shares a name with the Sevilla train station fun fact!) to a viewing platform. I then also climbed up two flights of curving, see-through, wrought-iron stairs to get to the very top.

IMG_3398 IMG_3402 IMG_3552 IMG_3561 IMG_3560 IMG_3555


I have a fair number of other pictures from our time in Lisbon, but as those are just of random things, I’ll save those for a rainy throwback Thursday or something and spare your computer.



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