At this point I feel like I will never be done with my study abroad posts. But whatever. Here’s another one.

Granada was high on my list of places to visit, and while I’m sure the city itself is lovely, I really wanted to go just for the Alhambra. So one day, my mom and I spent three hours on a bus to spend less than four hours at the famous moorish fortress and then take a three hour bus back.IMG_3704 IMG_3707 IMG_3726

Totally worth it.


The Palacios Nazaríes were my favorite part. Construction started in the 13th century but most of the buildings are from the early 14th century. I love how well-preserved the bright colors are in the architecture (just look at the blue in the third picture below. Amazing).

IMG_3756 IMG_3729 IMG_3749 IMG_3741 IMG_3744 IMG_3760

My mom was excellent at getting pictures of me without almost anyone in the background the entire time she was visiting.


We also ducked into a small area of ancient arabic baths:


Before we left, we went through the Generalife (built between 1302 and 1309) and while the architecture was also pretty, it is well-known for the gorgeous gardens which did not disappoint, even in the blazing heat (we went expecting to escape some of the Sevilla heat. Nope).

View from the Generalife gardens



Go. To. Granada. JUST DO IT (*insert Shia LaBeouf video here*)


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