Super behind on blogging ahhhh!

Ok. So Manchester=stop #2 on the England tour.

I chose Manchester for one reason and one reason only: The National Football Museum.

As in soccer, the real football (aka not the American version in which you really don’t use your feet very often as least as far as moving the ball goes. Anyway.)

As a sports writer, this is basically an incarnation of Mecca/The Promised Land/striking gold in California or whatever other analogy suits your fancy.

First off, I would like to congratulate Manchester for its spot-on Asian cuisine and Costa coffee. Aside from one pulled pork sandwich, I ate nothing else for two days. And it was brilliant. Spain is great but has a dearth of good international food.

Secondly, here’s pictures and explanations from those two days!

Manchester, though a lovely city, was far more industrial than anywhere else I’ve been this semester. Which was a shock after the quiet gardens of Norwich and the cobblestone streets of Sevilla. But it was a nice change of aesthetic.There was a lot of brick buildings and parts of brick buildings still standing (I’m guessing from the Industrial Revolution period?) which was really pretty in a starker sense than, say, the gothic cathedral in Sevilla.

IMG_4037 IMG_4042 IMG_4043




So. Football.




Yes. This is a classical painting redone with the faces of famous footballers.
Yes. This is a classical painting redone with the faces of famous footballers.


Wait. England’s actually scored enough goals to makes a list?
There was a really lovely temporary exhibition on the history of football during the World Wars. It was fascinating to see how football clubs were affected by the war and drafts and how football played a part in troop morale as well.



I also visited the Manchester Cathedral (no trip to any city is complete without a church in my opinion).

Manchester was bipolar with the weather the entire two days. Bright and sunny. Then pouring rain. Guess when I took this one.
Really beautiful statue of the birth of Christ

IMG_4068 IMG_4071 IMG_4076

Annnnd the gem I didn’t know about until I got to Manchester was Chetham’s Library, also known as the oldest (surviving) public library in Britain. I was almost afraid to breath in case the books just fell apart.

IMG_4099 IMG_4103 IMG_4105 IMG_4106


And thaaaat is everything. Or everything you really want to be subjected to photo-wise. My poor computer really hates me these days for the sheer amount of different photo albums I’m making it keep organized.

Until next time 🙂


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