Norwich was wonderful. I arrived in England knowing which cities I’d be visiting and when, but no idea of what to do in each besides visit family. I knew I’d be coming after a few very busy weeks of my mom visiting and preparing to leave Sevilla, so I think subconsciously I knew I wanted a peaceful laidback visit (aside from all the traveling).

The first day in Norwich, my aunt and uncle (really they’re like my fourth cousins but who’s keeping track??) took me to an old estate in the countryside. Blickley Estate was last inhabited by Phillip Lorian, the 1939-1940 British ambassador to the good ol’ USA. This was obviously a very exciting time to be said ambassador what with trying to convince the states to give a little bit of help to the newly started war and all. Lorian was on best friend status with the Roosevelts, Astors, and other members of the rich and famous.

His estate is beautiful and was given to the National Trust to be taken care of in the mid-1950s. My favourite parts were the library (of course) and the large garden in the back. After a magazine was rather harsh in its review, Lorian had a friend redesign it and I’m a fan.

10987304_949112281812708_7308336669920511339_n 11209559_949113371812599_3194139615453966823_n 11692791_949112155146054_256094931538794716_n 11707518_949112378479365_6239104226382389616_n 11715410_948830258507577_138769774_o



Later we went to have a beer (white wine for me yum!) with their friends and listen to them tease each other nonstop which was entertaining.

Day two called for a trip to the city center. Norwich is a very old city (isn’t everything in England) complete with a castle and cobblestone streets (Please get on the cobblestone street thing, Indy. Thanks in advance. Actually don’t because I like wearing heels).

To my delight, I was told that every year Norwich puts colorfully painted animal statues into place all around the city, creating a artistic scavenger hunt of sorts. This year’s “animal”? DRAGONS.

Here there be dragons.

No but really.

And that’s not even all of them that we saw.

We wandered the Royal Arcade (basically a semi-enclosed shopping promenade) and then down to the Norwich Cathedral (Just a note that it’s a relief to no longer have this dilemma between listing the name of a building in its original language or translating it. E.g. la Catedral de Sevilla vs Seville Cathedral).

The cathedral is gorgeous and has a distinction to the others I’ve seen this semester in that it belongs not to the Catholic Church, but to the Church of England (bless their hearts those heretics).

This is known as the Green Man. Formerly a pagan symbol, he now can be found hidden in the ceilings of the cloisters.
Coats of arms around the cloisters

IMG_5473 IMG_5477

One of my favourite parts of the cathedral was the small section dedicated to members of the British military who had died in various conflicts.

This panel in the middle is dedicated to those who died in North America between 1776-81. Pop quiz: What was going on in North America during those years?

That night we went to an inn for dinner and while I didn’t manage to get pictures before scarfing it down, please enjoy the description of what I had because it’s still making my mouth water:

Brie, cranberry, and sauteed Onion stuffed puff pastry with lemon sauce. Crab salad (with the crab meat sauced up and placed back in the shell). Potatoes and brown bread. Red wine.

I returned home well-stuffed and happy.

Day three consisted of a lot of rain and thus, after an attempt to go walking was thwarted, staying in and reading, writing, and watching the men’s Wimbledon final.

It was so nice to just be able to breath and relax the last few days after the insanity of the last few weeks in Spain (wonderful though they were).


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