The England Adventure Begins

Well it’s done. I’ve left Sevilla. After many rechecks of the luggage. After many more tears. But also ice cream from the best place in Sevilla (according to word on the street) that of course I didn’t try until…the day before leaving. Oops.


So while I’m excited that I get to have tinto de verano and 100 Montaditos and also see the boy (ahem) one more time again in Madrid before I leave, right now I’m THRILLED to finally be in England with my dad’s side of the family!

5 cities in two weeks (with a 6th in Wales) is a lot but I’m super excited to get to wear sweaters again thanks to the muuuch milder British weather, see family I haven’t seen in four years, and eat some damn good fish and chips thank you very much.

I’ve finished my first day in Norwich (blog coming soon!) and it was quite peaceful, relaxing, and fun. Just like vacation should be.

Sleep well everyone 🙂


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