Cinderella’s Castle

*wrote this a week ago but apparently never posted it. oops.

With my last exam ending this morning, I bid good riddance to the Spanish university system. Just as a fair warning to everyone at home: don’t even get me started on this topic. I can go on all day.

However, I also bid a fond hello to official vacation (because these last five months haven’t been a vacation…HAHA JUST KIDDING MOM).

But just because today marked my official vacation, didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy an unofficial vacation last week with my mom and cousin in Madrid and Germany. As with Basque Country, these will have to be a series of posts so that your computer and mine don’t hate me for the amount of pictures to be uploaded at once.

Going to Neuschwanstein Castle, aka the castle that Disney based his Cinderella one off of, has been on my bucket list for years. At first, we thought we would only be able to climb up to take pictures from the outside, but wouldn’t be able to get tickets to go in (as online ticketing was already sold out two days in advance). But thanks to unseasonably rainy/cold weather, there were still tickets left for the very last tour of the day inside the castle, and so dreams really do come true 😉



As stated, it wasn’t the best weather ever (for the entire vacation really), but after Austria I’ve learned to appreciate low-lying clouds and the mystic air bad weather can lend any location.

11539617_936809866376283_1602753815067350117_n IMG_5360 IMG_5389 IMG_5367 IMG_5391


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