Birthdays in New Places

This was a weird birthday for two reasons.

1. I turned 21, which is the last big milestone birthday until 50 (unless you count 25 when I can rent a car on my own).

2. This was my first birthday without my actual twin or de facto twin ever.

I did not go out and get drunk on my 21st (because I’m responsible and have class and am waiting for the weekend thank you anyway). But I did go out and have a great classy dinner and dessert with wine (first drink that would be legal in all my favourite countries!)

After we swore that we would take pictures of the food, we promptly forgot the first round (a delicious noodles dish with a Japanese sauce/spices).

But then came the arroz negro (“black rice” aka rice drenched in squid ink) and no way could we forget to capture the moment.


To be honest, I was slightly nervous to try it, but it had been on my food bucket list long before getting off the plane in January and what better time to suck it up and be an adult and try something new than on your 21st birthday?

It was slightly crunchy, which was unexpected but an interesting texture for rice. And squid ink is extremely delicious but I’m hard-pressed to find an equivalent flavor to help describe it. All I can say is–don’t miss out.

Dessert for me was a cheesecake that didn’t taste like cheesecake, but add in raisins on top and strawberry sauce and I was happy. Alejandro had a brownie filled with melted chocolate that also looked amazing.




And who can forget the pictures of finally being legal?

This is my “I know you want candid pictures and I’m smiling but if you take a picture of me actually eating my food instead of just pretending we’re going to have problems.”
first legal drink

Thank you to all my friends who extended birthday wishes and took time to send a note. I am so blessed to have such great friends. It wasn’t the 21st I’d always thought I’d have, but it was amazing nonetheless, spent well and in good company, and a memory I’ll cherish.



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