First beach day of the semester!

So 30 hours in Málaga does not seem like much time considering the first 16 were spent finding the hostel, getting dinner, and sleeping.

We made the most of the short time though, seeing Picasso’s birthplace, a small museum of Picasso’s work along with his contemporaries, the old Moorish fortress of Alcazaba (hello hiking at 11am with backpacks), and then, of course, the BEACH!

Due to time constraints, we decided to stick with the city beach instead of going a little further out. Despite the gorgeous weather, it was not nearly as crowded as expected. And despite getting burnt (also less than expected but still), I loved it.

First, some architecture I enjoyed:

11179917_913798388677431_57228621_o 11181510_913798428677427_1063391437_o 11204704_913798682010735_395707583_o



And then Picasso’s birthplace (no pictures inside sadly)

11202684_913798788677391_1872624383_o 11201453_913799032010700_2022982515_o 11194847_913799065344030_248142633_o


Then Alcazaba:

Looking up from below


Garden partway up

But seriously, look at these views:


11187862_913799812010622_101542059_o 11207943_913832778673992_325320200_o 11211713_913799668677303_646864057_o


I mistook slots along the bottom of the wall (not the ones behind my head) as openings for archers and was quickly corrected and told that the ones along the bottom of the wall were actually water drains. Who knew?




And finally, the beach!!

Apparently buying beer from a random guy walking along the beach is a Spanish tradition.

11201325_913798272010776_1955227680_o 11204620_913798202010783_42652456_o

11199022_913839602006643_12562183_n 11204827_913798142010789_953929474_o


It got cloudy for the last 20 minutes on the beach but as it was 90 degrees that day, the clouds were welcome!




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