It Leaves You Speechless



5 days. 2 cities. 1 girl.

My Semana Santa trip to Austria was amazing, in a word. Incredible, for another. Inspiring, for a third.

I could’ve seen three times as many things as I did and gone many more places but I’m glad I didn’t because

1. This was my vacation. I needed time to not only sightsee but relax and recharge. So you better believe I took a longer-than-usual siesta Spanish-style every day but one.

2. I can look back and say that my visit consisted of quality not quantity.

What I did I enjoyed to the fullest and will hold those memories dear forever.

Memories like attending a stunning Vivaldi concert at Karlskirche.

10436155_895861137137823_7653579991451888857_n 11102764_895859453804658_5549029386728555924_n

Memories like visiting the Austrian National Library, because libraries will always be some of my favourite places on this planet.

IMG_4465 IMG_4497 IMG_4502


Memories like going to the Staatsoper (The Vienna State Opera) not once but twice to see a ballet (First, a modern. Second, Swan Lake for the first time).

11680_895381197185817_3995708045113223798_n 247117_895381970519073_1249992399040223383_n 11065789_897292010328069_8146342275582022846_n 11090515_897233460333924_2073280446_o 11110180_897291856994751_4072139700016314178_n






Memories like taking a trip to Salzburg and getting to see heaven along the way

IMG_4574 IMG_4554


But also being a tourist of epic proportions and going on a Sound of Music Tour

The Do-Re-Mi fountain
The Gazebo
Where Julie Andrews sang the titular song at the start of the film


And then I explored Salzburg, which is a beautiful city even apart from the movie 🙂

IMG_4602 IMG_4757 IMG_4792 IMG_4818


I also ate a lot of pastry. Ok fine. Mostly pastry.

I also visited a real life palace {Schonbrunn} where the Hapsburgs (lookin’ at you Carlos I of Spain/Emperor Charles V!) and Napoleon lived.

IMG_4858 IMG_4875 IMG_4877 11072493_897120050345265_630653670_n


I also wandered. A lot. Which is one of my favourite things to do in a city.


I have so, so many pictures. And I’m sure they’ll pop up here and there throughout the blog (#tbt and #fbf don’t exist in a vacuum!). But for now, I’ll leave you with these. It truly was one of the best vacations of my life and one of the best decisions of my life to go, even alone. (Blog post on THAT aspect coming later).

Good night ❤



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