Friday the Thirteenth

In suitable Friday the Thirteenth fashion, I spent most of the day lounging about: reading, listening to music, watching Jimmy Fallon videos (because what can go wrong on a day known for bad luck when you’re watching Jimmy Fallon videos?)

But even though this is a day known for its auspiciousness, today, I can’t help but feel an inordinate amount of happiness and peace right now.

Yesterday marked two months since I first arrived in Spain.

So much has happened since I’ve arrived, both planned and unplanned, but all filling life with excitement and joy and an ever-increasing sense of adventure.

Instead of being homesick fairly constantly like I was when I arrived, now it comes in fits and starts. When my younger brother celebrates his birthday, when my friends launch a wildly successful fundraiser, when there’s a major event on campus etc. Things like finding peanut butter and 3-hour skype dates with my best friend do help though. (Hey Cali, you’re mentioned on a blog, you’re famous!)

Then it goes away because I’m trying desperately to not let the small things I miss about home impact the ever-disappearing moments I have here.

Every day I try not to take my experiences here for granted. Time has absolutely flown by (I just bought my tickets for spring break round #1 what). I’m trying to breathe and capture every moment. Two months. TWO. 1/3 of the time I’ll be here has already passed. I think back to how awkward and slightly terrified and overwhelmed we all were during orientation week and how confident we are now in this city we call home. 

We have our favourite montaditos picked out at 100 Montaditos (Spanish version of fast food a la McDonalds but predictably a million times better. Whoever opens one in Indy will be my new best friend forever and I will keep them in business forever). I now know which direction to take the metro automatically, depending on where I want to go, instead of having to stare at the chart first. My Spanish is improving to the point where someone was telling a long complicated story and I understood everything but the Spaniard next to me had to have me explain it to him. I survived my first test (40% of my final grade hello stress). I spent an hour with a six-year-old while volunteering this week, arguing with him about why his elephant was pink (it was a girl. duh) and helping him spell animal words in English.

Basically, it’s becoming more and more like home. It’s comfortable to be here now. When I leave my apartment to walk back and forth from class every day or to get coffee or to meet friends to go out at night etc., I feel less like a tourist and stranger.

But enough sappy-ness (I don’t know how to spell that soooo that’s how it’s going to be ok? ok).

And now here’s a Jimmy Fallon video that I cannot stop watching and always laugh until I cry while I watch it.


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