On Strikes and Hikes

Tomorrow there is going to be a student assembly at the Universidad de Sevilla to protest some proposed changes at the university and discuss the possibility of a student strike. We’ve had student activists talk to us at the beginning of almost every class this last week about it so it’ll be interesting to see it all play out.

None of us really understand much of the details, but it does mean that there is no school tomorrow and many classes today were cancelled as well so we aren’t complaining.

Also on Sunday, we went on a CIEE-sponsored hike in the Sierra Norte of Sevilla.

We were thinking we were pretty cool up until our lunch break. It was more of a nature walk than hike. But then after lunch (when all I really wanted to do was take my siesta), we started going up. And then it felt like a hike.

It was completely worth the sore muscles the next day for the beautiful views of the countryside and town.

11017334_876726222384648_1265260879_o 11009656_876726475717956_1621583334_o 11002917_876726145717989_292253043_o 11002339_876726612384609_1000576828_o 11002110_877055592351711_1587936968_o 11001366_876726529051284_322767246_o 10901341_876726435717960_1423161433_o


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