Walk Like an Egyptian

Karishma and I spent 30 hours in Portugal this weekend because what else do you do when the rest of your friends are going to Morocco and you kind of want to skip out of Spain?

Those 30-hours were filled with much laughter, getting slightly lost (but not really because Faro is TINY), crossing items of bucket lists, valiantly trying to read Portuguese (actually not that hard. much harder to understand it when spoken though), lots of walking by the marina, wishing on rainbows, sleeping on buses, freaking out about bone chapels and generally relaxing.

This also marked the first time I pulled out the big guns (aka my very nice DSLR camera) and I was not disappointed. Though shout-out to my iPhone for also taking some very beautiful pictures when I was too lazy to take the time to adjust the actual camera settings. And panoramas. I do love panoramas and the DSLR does not oblige me in that aspect. (those of you on Facebook: every photo on there is from my phone. Impressive little piece of technology isn’t it?)

sunset boat pano

Karishma and I went to Faro with a few ideas of what we wanted to do (the beach, obviously, and the Sé cathedral) but otherwise just planned on wandering and being tourists and above all, relaxing.

So that is what we did.

We took a two-hour bus ride to Faro from Sevilla (complete with a random Spaniard playing traditional Spanish ballads, bagpipe, and Irish reels without headphones…yes, you read that list correctly). Our hostel was beautiful (purple-themed yes please), the staff amazing, and came with free coffee in the morning so really what wasn’t to love? Also the mini-park right across the street was amazing and where we sat and ate lunch our last morning there.

10930111_875749759148961_3661866571561550933_n 10001429_876040402453230_6569976151292378486_n 10407655_876040572453213_8770608590370357379_n

First order of business: Getting slightly turned around on the crazy streets with weird names (Faro was organised by the same people who organised the University of Sevilla who knew?*)

After finding the Chapel of Bones (worthy of its own blog post HERE!), we also wandered over to the city market, got some fresh raspberries and figs (artsy picture at the top of the post!) and also sat and got a much needed water for Karishma (Lenten disciplines involving coffee are the worst) and coffee for me.

We also went to the Faro marina near the old city walls (Afonso III built them to protect the city from invasion. Also Portugal has had a lot of king’s named Afonso). Gorgeous views all around both during the day, and later when we returned for sunset.



We returned for sunrise (Yes, I did get up at 6am. Thanks for asking). While it wasn’t as visually spectacular, it was very peaceful to be nearly the only ones awake and sitting by the marina that early aside from the fishermen.

Faro in general was just a lovely town and we are dying to go back once the weather gets even better and we can enjoy the beach fully (also getting its own post soon).

But for now, here are just some general pictures taken while wandering around.

IMG_3847 IMG_3850 IMG_3851 IMG_3854 IMG_3859 IMG_3865 IMG_3867 IMG_3873 IMG_3896 IMG_3903 IMG_3907


Annnnnd even more! (Sorry guys. Laziest blogger ever aka I really want to go write about the Mediterranean right now so I’m rushing this slightly).


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