Igreja do Carmo

After a bit of wandering on our first morning, we eventually found the Igreja do Carmo (Carmo Church), which had indoor facades of Brazilian gold. Super beautiful and impossible to fully capture on camera but I tried because I am not a quitter.

10998013_875749129149024_7394917627678255196_n 11001795_875749142482356_8429670573844416081_n

At this church is also the Cappella dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones). This chapel is made out of, what else, bones!

If you’re like Karishma and I, you’re thinking, “Oh cool! A chapel that used some bones to help build it.”

Oh no. No no.

The Chapel of Bones is quite literally and appropriately named.

It is made completely out of bones (of about 1,000 Carmel monks). Its purpose is to remind humanity of our own mortality and the finiteness of life.

It was a very appropriate place to visit after Ash Wednesday and very solemn but we didn’t fully appreciate it until after we finished freaking out about the fact that we casually looked up and there were skulls grinning down at us.

10991363_875749245815679_4639977133437145115_n 11002626_875749382482332_5549479957798114756_n 10982479_875749329149004_1992245251395625621_n

Overall though, we chalked this up to one of the strangest but coolest things we’ve seen in Europe so far.

bones chapel pano


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