Today’s post is about our excursion to las Setas yesterday.

Las Setas is this massive structure that the government spent a lot of money on (think: 100 million euros. Which equals out to about 143 euros PER PERSON in Sevilla). Why? Because it wanted to, in an attempt to make Sevilla look more modern.

Las Setas look like giant mushrooms in the sky. The structure literally does absolutely nothing but sit there and draw in tourists who want a great view of the city (*ahem*me*ahem*).

For this reason, Pablo (our CIEE orientation guide) said that many people in Sevilla hate it and call it the “literal fungus of Sevilla” which is possibly the greatest description I’ve ever heard of a contemporary art structure.

Anyway. It does have great views so off we went to check it out for 3 euros/person.

Original goal was to be there for sunset. Well. The sky/clouds did not cooperate as far as sunsets go, but we did get some pretty spectacular lighting regardless.


But really. That sky ❤ No sunset but this was the next best thing.

I live here and it is really kind of thrilling every time I think about it in depth for any length of time.


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