Precious Moments

I’m telling you guys right now that what happened today? Hallmark couldn’t have come up with a better commercial storyline.

So a few friends and I are studying in a cafe near our homes for our first exam (!!!!!) We’re talking pretty loudly in English because it’s easier to explain grammar/lexical and historical concepts to each other in English than in Spanish.

This little girl and her dad walk in and sit at a table one over from ours. She can’t be more than 7 or 8. They order drinks and I somewhat take note from the corner of my eye but don’t really think about it.

A little while later, she comes over and asks for a piece of paper to draw on. This is super cute and I give her one, but it strikes me as strange for two reasons.

1. This dad literally just let his kid walk over to a group of random American students to ask for something. Similar to what I said in my last post, when would any American helicopter parent let their child ask a complete stranger AND foreigner for something?

2. Children are so much braver than we are. Because for her to ask us meant that her desire for paper overruled any fear she had of asking foreigners for something, when they might not even understand. Mad props.

So she draws for a bit, we acknowledge the cuteness of what just happened, and continue studying.

A little while later, she returns. This time, to ask for our names. We find out that she’s called Diana. She goes back to her table, we return to studying.

She returns one last time as her dad is packing up to leave and hands us this:

10866920_858677917522812_1949811422_n 10943378_858691460854791_1558411765_n

Please note that she writes it in English, even though by this point she knows that we understood at least a bit of Spanish.

As I put on Instagram/Facebook, my heart has never melted so fast in my entire life.

It was such a wonderful surprise and such a thoughtful thing to do for a bunch of strange foreigners.

Definite highlight no matter what else happens in the next few months.


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