Last night, we got to experience flamenco for the first time. While sevillana is more popular  and common here in Sevilla (especially during Feria–the big spring festival), flamenco still is performed and if last night was any indication, performed well.

[It was very dark in the performance and we were only allowed to take pictures/video during the last portion of the evening so my apologies for the poor quality]

So the male dancer (dark longer hair, prompting Emily to say, “He looks like Professor Snape.”).

Flamenco, I discovered, is very similar to tap. The shoes have heels (even the ones the men wear) and are used to create rhythmic, syncopated sounds.

Let me tell you that making syncopated sounds come across well (as opposed to just being mistakes) is hard enough solo. But putting together a guitarist, a singer, a dancer sitting town clapping/tapping his foot, and a moving dancer and having them all clap/dance/make sound in rhythm?

Adding in hand movements and crazy turns?

Ridiculously difficult.

I was in awe.

I loved the music, the dancers, the atmosphere.

The show lasted about an hour. Each section was a good 10 minutes (the singer performed, the male dancer by himself, the guitarist went solo, the female dancer by herself, then together).

The dancers were so impressive. I did a 7-minute tap piece for a show two years ago but it was nowhere near as energetic and passionate as this and I STILL was wiped out at the end of every rehearsal or performance.

You could tell they were breathing hard at the end of each section but never once did their energy drop. Mad props.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for, video:




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