Dear God, Thank You For Making Sevilla So Walkable, Amen

So second to being fluent, my goal with going on this trip was to be “that” girl who came back from Europe hot, tan, and skinny.*

Don’t know about the other two, but after seeing all the food and eating my host mom’s delicious meals, I was worried about the last point turning into the total opposite.

But luckily, despite the massive amounts of amazing things to eat, everyone walks/bikes everywhere in Sevilla, and so we do too.

On Thursday for our tour of the city, we walked over 7 miles by early evening alone.

I stopped feeling bad about eating bread with every meal immediately.

So. In honour of the fact I’ll pretty much get to eat whatever I want without worrying, here’s a post dedicated to food.

Karishma and I also went to the Mercado de Triana today to walk around (the Mercado is the magical place with the sparkly lights at night).

We didn’t buy anything but I at least will definitely be returning.

I’m hoping to take a cooking class through CIEE sooner rather than later so then you all will get to see my sorry attempts at making some of the amazing things I’ve had to eat here 🙂

*Ok I promise I’m 99.9999% kidding. I’m not that shallow.


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