Something Old, Something New

Today started out with a breakfast of champions:


I’ve never liked coffee but I’ve discovered that with enough sugar, milk, and need for caffeine, it will slowly grow on me. Who knows? Maybe I’ll come back a coffee fiend like my mom and I’ll finally feel like I’m not adopted.

Today was the orientation day I’ve looked forward to the most: the walking tour of Sevilla!

We walked. And walked some more. And I made the poor decision of wearing brand-new shoes (Sevilla has taken all my common sense and tossed it out the window apparently).

But the pain (and ensuing blisters) were completely worth it.

I am fully in love with the city but one of the coolest things for me (as a history minor and history aficionado) is the juxtaposition of old and new. This city was a Roman city, then a conquest of the Moors in 712 (and subsequently ruled by them for a few hundred years). thus, a large majority of the buildings are very, very old (even while the facades of stores might be newer).

But then you get moments like this, where a four-year old wooden structure (“Las Setas”):

FYI someone photobombed one of the first attempts at a photo. It was funny. But then we took another one for good measure.


Is right across the street from this:


Love. It.

We also saw some other curiosities in Sevilla, such as a remnant from Christmas like this ice-skating rink in the middle of the park (complete with reindeer!)


There are also many, many plazas here. Just giant open air spaces for people to walk and congregate (At the end is a very large bank).


We passed on of the many theatres in Sevilla. I will definitely be making some visits through there in the future!


We also visited the CIEE administration offices (boring) and the CIEE Study Center where we will have our intensive session next week and study sessions all semester. The study center is in “un palacio” (Directly translated it means palace but really it signifies a mansion or big house). Thus, it was definitely not boring, and actually beautiful. It will make all the studying and hard work much easier.

BUT. At the very end of the tour Pablo took us to la Plaza de España.

This plaza, fun fact, is where a scene in the “second” Star Wars movie (Attack of the Clones) was filmed. Video is HERE. (The movie slightly altered the appearance of the plaza but I can testify that it is still instantly recognisable). I consider myself to be a part of the Star Wars franchise now. Disney can call me up any day.

(Side note: Let’s please all pray, for the next few months, that Disney does not ruin the series, ok?)

This plaza is also, fun fact, absolutely gorgeous and one of the top reasons why I really don’t feel like returning stateside ever. It’s about a 5 minute walk from my apartment and is also next to a giant park, which is also beautiful. (PS I’m running out of adjectives to describe Sevilla because there really are just no words to do it justice).


Completely and totally head-over-heels in love.


One thought on “Something Old, Something New

  1. Sarah Whittenburg

    I can never thank you enough for taking the pics, posting the pics and sharing about them in such a (oops, just ran out of adjectives) new and fresh way….I am sitting here basking in the beauty I see on my screen while outside it is sunny, making it seem warmer than it really is…COLD!!

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