Night in Sevilla: The First

As most of you know, I ended up in Sevilla a day earlier than required (thank you, weird flight times out of Indianapolis).

Another girl from my specific program was also arriving a day early so we planned to meet up our first night so that we weren’t stuck in our hotel rooms.

We met up around 6:30 and promptly spent an hour walking in the direction we thought the city center was, but actually wasn’t.

After much confusion and getting turned around, we went back to the hotel and asked for suggestions. We went to the desk manager’s first suggestions for tapas, only to find out that they had stopped serving tapas right as we got there.

So a glass of wine each later (I don’t even like wine all that much but it was Sevilla and I was just happy to be legal at 20 so c’est la vie), we hailed a taxi to go to the city center for actual dinner.

Oh. My. God. You. Guys.

If I hadn’t already been in love with the city earlier, wandering around the city center last night would’ve done it.

The taxi wound through narrow streets to dump us at the start of a popular street of restaurants.

Which happens to be next to the Seville Cathedral (including la Giralda).

Which happens to be the largest gothic cathedral in the world.

So boom. Out of taxi, next to world famous structure.

No big deal.

We spent a while taking pictures (of course) before going to find the second of the desk manager’s suggestions for dinner.

The second time was the charm and we enjoyed a delicious tapas meal of small sandwiches of various kinds (My favorite was the veal).

10882260_853877564669514_7996342534972240771_n 10929195_853877774669493_7406319017923337911_n 10930092_853877584669512_4310837978157895081_n

We took off again to explore and walk off dinner. I really have no idea where we went or how we got there but we did get our first glimpse of the river and various city monuments that looked promising for exploration during the day.

(This city is as walkable as Indy. Slightly more confusing because the streets are completely out of whack as is customary in Europe, but still very easy and normal to just meander around looking at everything).

We finally realized we were exhausted and parted ways to sleep.

I promptly got back to my room and couldn’t sleep, but half a book, some Broadway music, and frustration at my room’s wifi connection later, I finally got a few hours in.


One thought on “Night in Sevilla: The First

  1. Sarah Whittenburg

    Your blogs, as usual, make me so happy for you and this rich experience God has given you…was the work to get there worth it? YES. Another thing that you are doing is giving us a glimpse into places and people we will probably never see. Your job as campus ambassador has given you the ability to inspires others to go to Spain…I am hungry already just looking at the pics. Thank you for taking the time to write and post for us. Bless you this week..

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