So earlier in August my very best friend and I took an excursion with my mom to the Big Apple aka New York City.

The goal of this trip was two-fold:

1. To relax and rejuvenate before she began her last semester of college and before I freaked out because I just like to freak out about school.

2. To strive to emulate Audrey Hepburn’s classiness and sass in everything we did.

So with those two goals in mind, we embarked.

12 hours after we left, including stops for lunch and snacks (including a 40-minute Starbucks stop. Shout-out to the Harrisburg Route 22 store for being the single most inefficient and unhelpful Starbucks in existence <3), we arrive in New Jersey to stay for a night. An hour drive the next morning and we were looking at the Empire State Building from a distance.

Every part of this trip was incredible from beginning to end. The amazing food, the truly magical Broadway shows we saw, the leisurely strolls past all the things we couldn’t afford on 5th Avenue…it was truly an adventure and so here are some pictures for you all to peruse and live vicariously through.

Times Square The absolutely insanely busy but ever amazing TImes Square.

WTC MemorialThe World Trade Center Memorial. The staff puts white flowers on the names of the victims on their birthdays.



Tiffany We spent an inordinate amount of time looking at all the gorgeous jewelry we could never afford.

Battery Park View View from one end of Battery Park.


Audrey muralWe found this mural of Audrey our very first day in the city next to a tiny cafe in Little Italy. I think it was a sign that we were succeeding in our endeavors to be her for the week.

Central Park View If Then Poster

While we weren’t able to get a picture with her, seeing Idina Menzel perform in this show was a dream come true.Chelsea Market 2 Chelsea Market 1 Food 1 Food 2 LindtThe food. Oh the food. The food was to die for. Peanut Butter S’more sandwiches. Lindt truffles. Fish and chips (that was just as good as what I’ve had in London). Food paradise, my friends. Food. paradise.

James Monroe Iglehart Aladdin signed

I’ve always loved broadway and I’m slowly starting to get my best friend hooked to. When we first started looking into what shows we wanted to see, the one we both immediately agreed on (we’re talking in .2 seconds) was Aladdin. We both adore the movie and the music. Once James Monroe Iglehart won the Tony this was probably the part of the trip I looked forward to the most. This was such a magical show and lived up to every expectation. The show we attended happened to be the first performance since Robin Williams’ death. While his death was tragic in every way, being a part of the tribute that night was a literal once-in-a-lifetime chance and the classiest and most touching tribute was such a cool thing to experience. Getting to meet most of the main performers that night at the stage door was a major bonus.


Until next time, NYC ❤



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