The Time Cars Went in Circles for 500 Miles and I Enjoyed It

So I’m really not a fan of racing. Cars go in circles. Lots of circles, even. Big whoop.

But today I got to go to the iconic 98th Indianapolis 500 as media (after spending two other days at the track over the last week) and it was a perfect day. While I’m not a fan of racing, I appreciated being feet, or inches, away from legends in any sport. Marco Andretti was in the elevator with me after placing 3rd and I attended press conferences for the winner and runner-up of this year’s 500 (Castroneves and Hunter-Reay) as well as the conference for legendary 500 singer Jim Nabors. I interviewed Sage Karam last week, an up-and-coming driver, who placed 9th as a rookie.

All-in-all, it was an amazing day and an incredible opportunity and I loved every minute of it.


1. Jim Nabors at the press conference before his final performance of “Back Home Again in Indiana”

10338329_726412447416027_403511591617355376_n  2. I was lucky enough to get to go down to Pit Lane and eventually, onto the track.


3. Attempted panorama of my view from Pit Lane


4. The infamous Pagoda, which ever so nicely provided a cool bit of shade on the track


5. Hunter-Reay and Castroneves yards away from their photo finish.


Annnnnd for good measure, a picture of everyone’s favorite quarterback with a kid from Riley Hospital for Children:



Hope everyone who went to the race and a fun (and safe) time!

Happy Memorial Day! Eat lots of food with your families but also remember those families whose loved ones never made it home.



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