The Netflix of Books

Limitless supply of books for the low, low cost of $9.95 a month!

Get a one month free trial starting today!

The website “Oyster” calls itself the Netflix of books.

It sounds too good to be true.

And it is.

Because it seems that people have forgotten that libraries are free.


Your one month free trial is renewed every month until you die at the library.

Oyster blows my mind and not in a good way. Has the population of the US of A really become so lazy that it would rather pay $9.95 a month to read books than get in the car to go to the local library? More and more libraries are even having e-books available for those who just can’t handle the thought of picking up a paperback.

Sure, I’m biased. I worked in a library for almost three years. I love living, breathing, tangible books. At some point I’ll get an e-reader but solely for convenience (aka so that I’m not packing 50 books to go to Spain with me), not out of a deep desire to read books within one dimension.

I’ll also admit that there are worse things you could be spending $9.95 on a month.

But why would you when you can go to a tangible library, talk to a tangible librarian (who loves their job and can give you human suggestions and insight), and read tangible books for free?

It might be old-fashioned. It might be “inconvenient.” It might be uncool. But like many old-fashioned, inconvenient, and uncool things today, libraries still hold a great deal more worth than their electronic counterparts.

So please.

Visit a library.*






*Insert Sarah Mclaughlin “Arms of an Angel” and children looking at you with sad faces while holding a book sitting on the doorstep of a library.


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