How to Spend Spring Break

Give a tour for your job every morning. Babysit. Eat your mom’s homemade food like you will never eat ever again. Look at your Voltaire book and decide to read it later. Pick up your best friend/pseudo-twin from the airport. Go to a musical with one of your bffs to support another one of your bffs. Think about doing your children’s literature midterm essay but don’t. Watch “10 Things I Hate About You” and wonder why more guys don’t sing to girls from the steps of a stadium and evade cops at the same time. Go to another university for gymnastics state finals and feel like a traitor. Attend a comedy show with 90% of your very very best friends and laugh so hard your chest hurts.


And last but not least, don’t sleep very much but have so much fun you don’t care.


There should be an actual post with actual content that you all actually care about sooner or later. Probably more on the later side because Voltaire and a children’s lit midterm call me rather insistently.


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