Breathing Dreams

Some people like to breathe oxygen. I do too.

But I also like to breathe dreams.

I try not to have too many dreams at a time because it can get exhausting. However, I’ve had several life dreams over the years ranging from being a ballerina when I was six, to studying abroad, to getting to write for a living.

The first one, sadly, never came true.

The second one will be coming true next year (Spain here I come!)

The third one is coming true as I write.

With my internship this semester, I’m getting to go talk to people, watch sporting events, write about said people and events, and then have it published for the world to see.

I’m not getting paid for it quite yet (“experience-not-money-based internship” you see), but I’m a step closer.

Today I got to go to the IHSAA Boys Swimming/Diving State Championship. I witnessed three state records broken. I watched dedication finally pay off as a kid won a state title in diving as a senior after placing second last year. I listened to a coach go out of his way to comfort a swimmer who failed to meet his personal expectations.

My dream of studying abroad is so close I can almost touch the airplane I’ll be taking across the ocean and the pavement near the river in Sevilla.

But my dream of being a journalist? It’s close enough that I can breathe it in. It smells like damp towels, the crowd in the Natatorium concourse, and fresh cookies in the hospitality room. Most of all it smells like chlorine.

And it is glorious.


3 thoughts on “Breathing Dreams

  1. Chlorine pools and gymnasiums and balance beams and snowboards… much more to see and experience. Always a lover of learning and it is a pleasure to read how much your internship means to you and to the people who read your articles – me included.Keep on dreaming and keep on writing….

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