The strange looking word for the title of this post does have a meaning, I promise.

It is Greek for, “the love of colors.”

I don’t know about all of you but I’m really a huge fan of the Greek endings -philia and -phobia. So many things can be said in words containing those endings.

But I digress.

The reason I am writing this random post on a Greek word is because I was fixing up my About page (go check it out!) And I realized that there are several things about me that are probably worth mentioning. The Indiana native thing has been mentioned (Indianapolis graced my background photo for awhile!) The Colts thing has definitely been mentioned (I may or may not have written a blog post about my love for Andrew Luck).

I also love sunsets.

I first realized how much I really loved sunsets when I bought my first professional camera in January of last year (DSLR…spiffy). And all of a sudden I had a really nice camera instead of my phone with which to capture the sunsets (though I still use my phone out of convenience sometimes). And I went crazy.

Sunsets are my favorite thing about nature. I honestly could care less about the trees and bushes and moss and flowers (which do not smell good no matter what anyone tells you). Sunrises are overrated because you’re yawning too much to enjoy them.

But sunsets. Sunsets are my favorite. The “blink and you’ll miss it” change from the bright sun to a dimmer, warmer glow. The clouds that seem like someone dumped a bucket of assorted paints onto them.

And there we come back to this post’s title.

Chromatophilia. The love of colors.

I would hypothesize that nothing emphasizes that love more than a sunset. Sunsets are marvelous creations of color. Blue and orange. Pink and purple. Orange-y red with hints of fuchsia.

It takes my breath away every time. If I touch my phone while at a red light, it’s to take a picture of a sunset*

Some people sit by their windows and detect bird flight patterns, people watch, count the cars, or look at flowers. I sit in my window seat and watch the sunsets.

Sunsets are the one time I can sit in the midst of nature and say, “Yeah. God’s pretty cool.”**










All of the above were taken by me. The amazing thing is that the last four were taken during the same sunset. That’s how vastly different the colors and lighting can be even in the same evening. Tell me you aren’t impressed with God’s handiwork.

God’s pretty cool.




*I PROMISE it is always at red lights. Never while driving. I’m not that stupid.

**I say this a lot. Just not when it comes to nature.



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