Best Behavior

If I can’t accept you at your worst, then maybe you should stop being so horrible

The above link, my friends, will lead you to what is my favorite blog post I have read so far this year. I realize that that isn’t a long time, but I’m also predicting that this will end in my top five favorite posts for the entire year.

I want the article to speak for itself so I’m not going to say much about it. I fully agree with everything the writer is saying. We live in a “I’m entitled to do whatever I want without comment from others” society. Loved ones are required to love us without commenting on our faults or poor decisions.

In the end, that line of thinking leads to fake relationships with weak foundations. Real relationships, be it with family, friends, or, as the article discusses, a significant other, are founded on loving honesty. My past boyfriends and future boyfriends are not required to silently “deal with” my grumpiness in the mornings nor my tendency to make sarcastic comments at inopportune moments. I would consider it a red flag if they DIDN’T comment on it or try to help me fix my flaws in a loving, Christian manner.

Read the full article. It’s fabulous.


2 thoughts on “Best Behavior

    1. I don’t read it as necessarily that he thinks people can change on a dime with willpower but rather we have the responsibility to try and limit our faults. If we consciously try to avoid our fault (e.g. speaking before thinking, saying hurtful things and calling it sarcasm, being ridiculously rude to waitstaff etc.), than it might not (probably won’t) ever go away, but the damage is minimized. Your response post was intriguing, however!

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