I think everyone should have a passion in life.

Your significant other does not count. The passion I’m talking about isn’t romantic.

For example, my passion is dancing. I love to dance. I don’t want to do it for a living because

1. I can’t and

2. I think that once you make money doing something, it sucks some of the pure passion out of it.

Dancing for me is a breath of fresh air. If I’ve had a bad day, I can go dance and I can forget about it. Even if I get frustrated during rehearsal, it helps me focus and concentrate on something besides academics, or a rough day at work, or a personal issue. In the routine of proper ballet technique, I get lost. I’ve memorized exactly what muscles are going to stretch when I do certain steps. I know exactly how many times I can practice my pirouettes before I get dizzy. I know how long I can balance on each leg (my left leg is stronger but I’m right-handed so go figure. Someone who likes science needs to explain this to me).

Dancing is my way of expressing myself. I don’t draw or paint. I’m not creative like that. And so I dance. I dance because I’m not a prima ballerina but because I never feel more free than when I’m dancing. I’ve cried after plenty of rehearsals from frustration and yet I’ve never felt happier than after a rehearsal that has drained every ounce of energy from my body. After seeing my performance this past winter, a friend told me, “You seemed like you were truly comfortable and completely enjoying yourself on stage.” That is probably the biggest compliment I could possibly receive for doing what I’m passionate about.

God calls us to live life for His glory. We are not to be apathetic bystanders as time passes. An Italian philosopher once called humans, “the contemplators of the universe.” He also said a lot of other nonsense but I love that description. I like to think that we are called to contemplate about the world and actively participate and be a part of it. I like to think that not much makes God happier than when one of His creations finds something that brings them pure joy and then does it to the best of their ability, even if they aren’t the best by the world’s standards, because that in itself is a testament to Him and the unique gifts and passions He gives all of us.

So what is your passion? Is it serving God’s people in mission work? Is it cooking or baking? Is it playing a musical instrument? Is it drawing or painting? Is it figuring out a technological puzzle?

Why do I think everyone should have a passion? Because having a passion is part of what makes you human. I’m not saying you’re an emotionless robot if you don’t have one, I’m just saying that you might not be enjoying life to the fullest. So I urge you to figure out what your passion is if you haven’t already. You might just find a source of happiness and self-expression that you hadn’t considered before.


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