Singleness Addendum

So I’m obviously not a marriage expert.

But I do want to draw your ever-so-patient attention to an awesome article a friend posted yesterday from The Huffington Post.

THIS post was about the intriguing concept of weddings being blown out of proportion these days and becoming the wrong focus of many girls’ lives.

I’m not going to deny the existence of my Pinterest wedding board. I dream of my wedding like most girls. I have a dream of what it will be like. But it isn’t the only focus, or the focus at all, of my dreams of the future.

What a different world it would be if “THE Wedding” wasn’t as revered an idea as the marriage itself or other life milestones (like graduation, as the article suggests).

“If some girl wasn’t fulfilling her childhood fantasy of being a princess, holding court in the perfect gown with the perfect hair and perfect flowers, on a day dedicated solely to celebrating her ability to land a man, how much more effort would she put into finding the right mate, since the reward for doing so would be a lifetime together, rather than a coronation.”–one of several good quotes

“Choose the man who will take care of the laundry and change the baby’s diapers when you’ve got the flu, rather than the one who spent a month choreographing his proposal so that the video of it would go viral.”–another one of several good quotes

Food for thought my friends 🙂


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