On Being Thankful

I am thankful for so many things this year, each big in their own way.

The opportunity to dance with The Moving Company.

My little car not dying over the summer.

The generosity of the Honors College at IUPUI.

The blessing of returning to Mexico this year (and a mini-vacation to Chicago).

Landing an internship for spring 2014.

My friends for loving me unconditionally and sticking around through everything.

My family, of course, for supporting me in so many ways and loving me when I was entirely unlovable. I make it through life because of their undying support for me no matter how many stupid decisions I make, and their encouragement of my academic career and my hobbies.

And I’m thankful for this year in general. It’s been a rough year, but I’ve learned so much about myself in that time and grown stronger in my faith and that’s a gift I never regret.

I’m happy to say that it really truly is a happy thanksgiving.

Note: I know this is belated but better late than never. And I spent yesterday as it should be spent: with family and getting fat.


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