My Favorite Time of Year

It is not Christmas. Or my birthday. Or summer. Or spring break.

My favorite time of year is football season. September (August if you count the preseason) through February. A perfect few months of Sunday afternoons full of chips and screaming at the television.

The last is especially true if you follow the Cardiac Colts. I heard that name today for the first time and loved it. It was so accurate last season and it appears that it’s going to be accurate this season.

They are nicknamed the Cardiac Colts because the team has a disturbing tendency to wait until the last minute to win their games, causing heart attacks in fans everywhere. Andrew Luck led SEVEN come-from-behind wins last season. Almost half the number of games.

And having been at the game today vs Oakland I can tell you that it was yet another nail-biter (heck, if you watched it on TV you still saw that). I still am not sure how we managed to pull it off.

But we did. And a win is a win is a win no matter how ugly. I guess my beloved Colts just want to add some excitement to everyone’s lives.

Also, Andrew Luck is the love of my life.


So welcome to football season 2013 folks!


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