On the Last 27 Days of Summer

Going back to school is always a mix of dread and excitement.

Same is true for college. However, unlike high school, you don’t really know who you’re going to see on a regular basis, who might be in your classes, how much time you’re going to have to eat lunch every day. So there’s an extra element of surprise involved with the start of every semester.

I’m excited for this year though. I think I’ve worked out my procrastination issues. I have an established group of friends (with two more starting this fall holla!) I have a job I love. I’m taking classes I’m actually interested in. I have several fun events to look forward to.

Also here’s a few fun pictures from my trip to Mexico because this blog apparently can not handle the awe-inspiring amount of pictures I originally planned on posting.





(how could you not want to live in a house like this???)


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