On Why I Now Hate Volcanos

Two cancelled flight and three delays later (and five reschedules for connecting flights), I have yet another set of flights home to the US from Mexico.

Thanks to Popocatepetl deciding to spew ash everywhere, the American airlines have decided that flying in and out of Mexico City is too dangerous (never mind that airlines such as AeroMexico are still running all their flights everywhere).

I discovered that I am REALLY irate when I can’t get home when I want to get home or planned on getting home. It is approaching 24 hours from when I was supposed to be originally landing in Indy. If my flight gets in on time tomorrow, it will be almost 48 hours.

I pretty much yelled at a customer service rep for my airline* after the latest cancellation. I make a point of NOT yelling at customer service people ever. But I did today. Because while I love Mexico, there’s no place like home. And I’d kind of like to get back eventually.

*I am not going to tell you all which airline because I’m feeling magnanimous for the moment. If you want to know what airline and are friends with me in real life, just check out facebook/twitter. Let’s just say I will be avoiding said airline at all costs from here on out.


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