4th of July and Squirrels

Happy Independence Day!!

I’m spending half of today in another country and the other half navigating customs or in the air. I’d feel bad but I’m mostly slightly paranoid that fireworks are going to hit our airplane causing it to crash.

But seriously, happy 4th of July everyone!

*GIF from Blythe Ponytail Parades. Violet is an amazing creative genius and photographer. You should check out the rest of her blog.




Note: I’ve been trying to get my pictures to upload so I can post a picture blog post and thus, fulfill my longtime dream of pretending I’m a hipster blogger who always does posts with their own pictures. Instead of just stealing them from the internet like I usually do. Sadly wordpress is not cooperating with me. So the +15 pictures I took of squirrels at chapultepec will have to wait. They were white squirrels! what can I say? #Novelty

Note the Second: I really wish wordpress jumped on the hashtag bandwagon that facebook has now joined so that I don’t look dumb for always using hashtags in posts.


3 thoughts on “4th of July and Squirrels

  1. SIssy

    I was totally going to make fun of your hashtag, but then laughed at your next comment on hashtags. Ha! Love you and glad you had a great time! – Sis

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