Words of Wisdom from Mexico

The best part about Mexico is getting to catch up with my second family. Facebook and twitter can only do so much.

Eating breakfast with Patty yesterday morning we talked about a variety of things. Somehow we got to a topic and I mentioned how many weddings I had been to/knew about recently with fairly young couples. Patty’s statement is possibly the truest I’ve heard about the subject of people getting married young (slightly paraphrased because I don’t have a perfect memory).

“When you’re young and in school, you’re known as the child of So-and-So or the sibling of So-and-So. Eventually you’ll be the wife of someone and one day, the mother of So-and-So. You only have a few years to be completely you with your own identity without being linked to another person. It’s not fair but that’s the way it is. Don’t be too quick to give those years up.”

That’s not to say that people who get married young are all stupid and making a terrible decision.* However, it’s a good thing to keep in mind and while I already knew I wasn’t getting married any time soon, it’s something that I completely agree with.
I like being my own person. I like being independent. There’s so many things I want to do that are harder if I have to account for someone else’s opinions/wants/needs instead of just my own (studying abroad in Spain for example).

Food for thought 🙂

*Seriously. I love my friends dearly and I know what I want out of life isn’t what everyone else wants out of life necessarily.


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