This is a break from your regular programming

So yesterday was National Sibling Day.

I have two brothers.

So happy national (belated) siblings day you guys!

One of my brothers is my twin. Yeah, I have one of those. It is definitely all it’s cracked up to be. Nothing better than having an automatic knight for your castle games when you’re seven.

I was feeling all mushy about yesterday and all and texted him and everything. The response I get?



“Didn’t know. Don’t care.”


Rude. After I poured my heart out* about National Siblings Day. After I cook him food when he’s too lazy to do it himself. And buy him t-shirts.

So I’m posting about it on the blog as payback. Love you broski 🙂


Also shout-out to the younger bro who I forgot to communicate with about NSD yesterday so apologies. He turned 14 last month and when did that become ok and please stop growing up?

I feel old.

You can all return to your regular programming.




*By “poured my heart out” I really mean: Sent a one sentence text message about it.


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