Can I talk about my hometown for a minute? Thanks.


How to describe Indiana?

Indiana is a strange state. Ask people to name the top “tourist” states and Indiana won’t be the first that comes to mind. New York, California, Florida…all get more votes. Even Illinois will usually get more votes (Darn you Chicago.)

Thing is, Indiana is not all corn and people singing as they drive through the corn while the wind is whistling down the lane. Oh wait. That’s Oklahoma.

Indiana is….strange.

However. There are some truly lovely things about Indiana and #1 on that list is Indianapolis. And yes I’m biased because I’ve lived here my whole life. However, I have also been to Chicago a bazillion times and New York City  and Nashville and fun places like that and I still like Indianapolis soooooo…….


Indianapolis is awesome. It’s small. But we pack a lot into it. Like the best NFL team in the world. And also one of the prettiest and coolest downtowns ever. And Mass. Avenue which is just where all the cool and hipster people hang out (and sometimes I manage to make it there too). And one of the most amazing libraries I’ve ever been to. And other things (like the largest Children’s Museum in the world, a zoo, more museums than I can count, a gorgeous State Capitol building….)


So pretty much Indianapolis has everything a big city has but it’s not really a big city. People always complain on campus about how there is nothing to do in Indy. I say they are either extremely picky or not looking hard enough. I’ve lived here my entire life and there are still museums and iconic restaurants (The Eagle’s Nest, Ruth Chris’, St. Elmo’s Steakhouse….) and cool stores I haven’t been to. I have yet to go to all of the floors at the Central Library. The best part is that it is extremely walkable. It’s about a ten minute walk from the apartments on campus to the center-ish of the Canal. It’s about 20-25 to Monument Circle.

Indianapolis is, however, pretty much alone in its attempt to make Indiana relevant. Everything else is corn. And one-stoplight towns. And more corn. And maybe a Wal*Mart. (Though I do like Fort Wayne…)

And then there is the pinnacle of Indianapolis and really, Indiana in general.

The weather.

Oh the weather.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but my family thinks I’m a lizard because I am cold. all. the. time.

I wore sweatshirts last summer (yeah, last summer. When it was averaging mid-upper 90s all the time).

Indiana’s weather is….strange. Bipolar would be the more accurate term but that’s not entirely politically correct.

Last summer was ridiculously warm apparently (I wouldn’t know. I was wearing sweatshirts).

The year before that we had Ice-Pocalypse.

This year is apparently determined to make sure that people don’t ever stop fearing the end of the world. Fairly mild temperatures all the way to December. Huge snowstorm (Indiana. It’s all relative). Then FREEZING. I’m talking even with gloves and a gigantic sweater and coat I was still freezing level of freezing. Then this past Saturday. Sun was shining, blue skies, light breeze. And also 63 degrees.

Um. What?

I went outside wearing jeans and flip-flops and a light jacket to take pictures and was just fine. Not only that, I was down by the canal and was just fine (and this might just be me, but I’m always colder down by the canal. I blame it on the water).

Moral of the story: Indiana is perfect if you are fine with having to buy clothes for every. single. kind. of. weather. Seriously, I have never been able to pack away all my sweaters/sweatshirts or all my shorts or tank tops because I never know when it’s going decide to be spring in January.

I happen to love Indiana weather. The unpredictability is fun. But don’t tell people I said that. I think a basic requirement for being a Hoosier is that one must complain about the weather approximately 1.7 times a day. More than that if you’re driving in the rain because apparently, rain, to most drivers in this here state, think that it’s

A. From the devil

B. from God

And either way, it is something to treat with extreme caution and ridiculously slow driving.



So there’s your taste of Indiana. As “college towns” go, it’s not too shabby and really better than most.





*by the way, the above picture is mine. If you use it without properly attributing it to me, good things will not happen in the near future.

One thought on “Indiana.

  1. sharon

    I enjoyed my 20+ years in Indianapolis. I would not call the rest of Indiana corn and one light towns because, as you mentioned, there is Ft. Wayne. South Bend also has several lights and the potential for traffic congestion. Muncie is small but does have several lights. Still, I miss Indianapolis when I want big city convenience. …and I did drive past lots of cornfields during my tenure in Indiana. Glad you are happy there. Keep posting and maybe more people will think of Indy as a vacation destination. However, keep traveling because there’s a reason some of those other places come to mind for tourist destinations. Oh, and come visit us sometime because it’s beautiful here too even if we can’t boast a canal or shopping convenience. And save up and treat yourself to the Eagle’s Nest – it’s a fun experience and you might not always live in Indy if you keep improving as a journalist.

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